Heaven On Earth At Six Senses Con Dao

Watching the sun rising and reflecting in the wet sandy beach from your bed in a precious villa, having a walk on a mile long beach, sheltered by the green forested hills, followed by an incredible breakfast with excellent food, it’s the very best way to start your day.  At Six Senses Con Dao it’s reality: luxury but eco-friendly resort off the south-east coast of Vietnam in a breathtaking archipelago, 80% of which is a marine and national park. 

Warm and tactile natural materials, together with a strong commitment to the environment, have created a design perfectly enclosed in the stunning natural setting.  For luxury castaways, here you can experience the best Vietnamese food like noodles, rice, soups, rolls and fish, cooked over charcoal flamed woks or in wood-fired ovens. Besides kitchen lessons, different activities are offered, but there is nothing like just enjoying the private infinity pool or the stunning vista from your villa, surrounded by lush tropical mangrove vegetation.

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